Monday, 2 May 2011


Got a text msg from Mom;

"Happy Belated Birthday to you! So sorry about the late msg, but u always be in my mind and my prayer. May Allah S.W.T bless you in your undertaking. Jangan lupa Allah, solat, berdoa padanya supaya memudahkan dalam ujian dan memberi rahmat setiap apa yg kita lalui. Dari dia kita datang dan dari dia juga kita kembali. InsyaAllah doa yang Mummy and Daddy selalu minta from HIM in every solat for you, abang and kakak dimakbulkan, InsyaAllah. We always love you no matter where ever you are"

Although they didn't call me.
Although Dad didn't wish me.
Although it was a belated birthday wish.
I learn so much. 

When you are alone, obviously you don't have anyone around you right. The level of expectations to receive something can be compress to insignificant. Somehow I feel relieved with the fact that my birthday is over. I kind of get so much pressure by the birthday wishes I got from friends and relatives. All of them were expecting some sort of a hell of a party celebration or anything like that from me. I don't blame them judging from my previous birthdays. My friends and I would go extreme measures to have a bombastic celebration but not this year. This year although it is quiet but I enjoyed every parts and pieces of it. This year, it's different. 

Although it is quiet however it taught me to be content and appreciate those little things that I've never realized before. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.


Suara Kalbu said...

Dulu-dulu masa akak masih muda belia.. touching juga if people around me especially yang close dgn kita forgot to wish my birthday.

But now usia dah makin mematangkan kita. Perkara seumpama itu just datang dan pergi macam angin lalu. Tak nak touching-touching dah because akak try to understand terkadangkala hidup ini harus terus walaupun ia tak mengikut apa yang kita mahukan. Yang penting akak tahu.. mereka sayang akak walaupun kadangkala mereka lupa tentang hari yang bermakna untuk kita.

Cheers ye dik Aiman. Hidup di rantau orang kena kuat kan ? And i know you are

make it free said...

hai,, im glad to be one of ur follower,, i hope u can be one of my friends and follower too,,,
its not bout money
...ur blog is wonderful not like mine,,, =(

-and guys please support me,, i want to make friends =)

AimanAriffin said...

Akak: I think I was raised in the family where birthdays is a big deal to us. We would go for dinners. Wish each others. Buy presents for each other and it would be rude to not remember.

I guess as time flies. things change. ppl change. I don't think I'm complaining about it. I think I am learning.

Yes. Insyallah. I'll be stronger. Thank you so much for your wise words! :)

Aziela said...

Salam Aiman. I'm a new follower. Happy belated birthday. So, u r Taurus. We are in the same club. Mine was in 28th Apr. Happy birthday to both of us. Anyway adik, their thoughts that count, right? It is much more valuable...