Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bitter Lonely Heart

For all the times I tried to forget at the every chance that I missed you. How perfect we were meant to be. The sweetest feeling I've got inside. I still can see you even though I have flown a thousand miles away. Living in an empty room and quiet city. All these words that I meant to say. I held it all in silence day by day.

My heart. My poor bitter lonely heart crave for it. 

At times like this when all I need to be reminded. There will be light shinning upon me. There will be music floats on the breeze bringing an easier time for me. There will be words of comfort to fulfill my heart.   

I want to free my heart. I want to see my heart. So I won't hide it away.

Dina Ft. Zizan - Selamat Tinggal

Selamat tinggal kawanku
Tak mudah aku pergi
Bila wajahmu
Sentiasa di hati ini


renjizakura said...

fill ur life with something lah aiman

Mutiara Bernilai said...

jauh mana pun kita pergi,
ceruk mana pun kita lari,
dia tetap ada,
sbb dia ade dlm hati kita kan?

hu. take ur time neh.
satu masa yang tepat,
akan Tuhan tunjukkan sebab musabab atas setiap kejadian.
pasti ada yg terbaik menanti,
meski saat ini kita rasa dia lah yang terbaik utk kita..
tapi bagi Tuhan, Dia punya sebab tersendiri..

hanya satu, kuat neh kamu!

Faisal Admar said...

be strong.

if you love someone so deeply, tell that person so.

if you are not the one needed, then just be strong and close that door. it's hard of course. life is hard anyway.

open new door for someone new.

only you can do it. others can only advise or laugh.

that's life.

a. said...

Waiting patiently for something or someone is both exhilarating and exasperating. And life's too short to to be miserable, to let the bitter ones change how awesome you are.

Have respect for yourself, if she can't accept you for unreasonable petty reasons, then she is not worthy of you. Open another window, Aiman.

Don't leave. Everybody leaves - Chuck Bass.


qlah said...

ingat , setiap yg berlaku ada hikmahnya . ;)

AimanAriffin said...

Renji: I am :)

AimanAriffin said...

Mutiara: Yup. Betul tu. That's all I can do and that's all I can hope for. I must be strong. I know there will be rainbow after the storm. I can do this :) thank u. I need this kind of reminder :)

AimanAriffin said...

Faisal: giving solutions probably the best thing to do but sometimes in life you need to dive in more than that.

I think all of us given the ability to seek solutions but what all of us are lacking is comfort. I think LOL

anyways thank you for ur wisdom. INsyallah I will try my best

AimanAriffin said...

A: haha I dont think i want to open another window love. I think I just wanna embrace happiness again and i dont need love to do that kekeke.

AimanAriffin said...

Qlah: betul tu! ada hikmahnya :)

Norhafsham said...

mcm ne nk wat pic last tu.very nice lor^^

AimanAriffin said...

Hafsham: kawan yg buatkan huhu

asna ashraff said...


AimanAriffin said...

I know! :(