Sunday, 1 May 2011


So the story starts when my friends and I decided to go to Stradbroke Island for a short gateway trip from all the depressions, stress, unhappiness living in the city. It was one of those perfect moments that I will always cherish its memories even to my grave. I'm too tired to blab about it and besides it'll be too boring and long so I shall let the pictures talk on the whole journey.

1 hour train ride

They call it as water taxi not ferry


Travelling wear
Jacket: Max Power
Top: Zara Man
Shorts: Stray
Shoes: Billie
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Watch: Guess

Beach wear
 Top: Polo Ralph Lauren
Pants: Stray
Slippers: Havanas
Watch: Guess
Sunnies: Market

Look at the reflection :)

Allah S.W.T's creation. Lawa kan

Bought a hat along the way haha

Cycling rather than taking the bus to be more adventurous

View from the lookout pt

Breath taking view 

Sempat lagi posing atas pokok. lol


best Vanilla Latte ever!

Star gazing time!
I wish I could capture those stars :(

Kebahagiaan aku hanya bertahan sementara bila mendapat berita bahawa Ecah, a new close friend of mine had to leave Brisbane for good due to some various unexplainable reasons. No more teman jammin. Haih. Hidup kembali sunyi dan sepi.


Kehoe Cheong said...

Brisbane was breath-taking! Lucky you dude

Faisal Admar said...

How long you will be in Aus dude?

AimanAriffin said...

Kehoe: I know right. I'm starting to fall inlove with this place :)

AimanAriffin said...

Faisal: I'll be here until July Insyallah if everything goes well of course

reez said...

yg pic u tulis breath taking view tu awesome giler

AimanAriffin said...

Reez; Harrr tu baru satu ada byk lagi! haha thanx :)

airul_chobits said...

besnye leh g sne..cntek kowt..hope satu hari nnti ade ksmptn jln2 sne =)