Monday, 16 May 2011

Melodies of Memories

Got an email from my childhood friend. Nearly teared looking at the pictures that I got.

'Random pics my parents scanned... :O'

How sweet of his parents to send this picture all the way from,

Malaysia ------> Tokyo, Japan ------> Brisbane, Austrlia.

Yeah he is studying at Japan now taking up Electrical Engineering. I hope he is doing alright over there with all the earthquake and nuclear power plant HUHA happening. My best childhood friend ever!

Oh you can see us! Edhuan 2nd row 3rd from left and I'm on the same row end far right hand-side

Latest update with myself. Finally I handed in my psychotic 2000 words assignment paper. Nearly died there. Alhamdulillah managed to finish it. Now tawakal je la. 


Jacket: Max Power
Shirt: Roger David
Pants: Lost Highway
Belt: Zara Man
Shoes: Billie
Sunnies: Unknown 


Miss Shikio said...

u comey lah masa kecik2 !!!


AimanAriffin said...

Miss Shikio: time kecik2 je skang puhahaha