Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Egg

Besok cuti umum, "Good Friday" pastu minggu depan cuti "Easter Holds" HOORAH!! 

Started my bright day with a picture (-.-") vain vain vain
I'm so tired of being so sick lately. So I drag myself out from bed to city buat my 18+ card. It's so difficult and dangerous you know bringing your passport here and there sebab kalau hilang je, menangis kau kat sini. Why I need 18+ card? Well, kalau nak beli ubat kat pharmacist sini, they will ask for your 18+ card and walaupun kau bagi dia orang passport pun they still won't sell it to you. Dumb right? Tell me all about it. Padahal passport is like EVERYTHING. 

Anyways, pagi tadi ada bunny visit aku. He left a chocolate egg at the door :) so sweet! hehehe.

 Then I went hunting for baju. Besok ada this event thing going on and I plan to go there looking good. Hahaha. But I just can't seem to decide which baju I should buy. haih. Hope 2moro would be an ahmazing time!!

Would I look good in purple?
They came and visit me today :D happy me


renjizakura said...

wah gmbr u kat 18+ tuu

AimanAriffin said...

Renji: hahahaha klakar kan gamba tu. aduyai

alya said...

well, judging from the pictures on the side of your page, i wouldn't worry too much on your wardrobe choices :) im sure u'll look great no matter what. but dont forget to post em pictures ey!

AimanAriffin said...

Alya: hahaha nooooo. I cant wear those to that event. I'll definitely post up the pictures!

Miss Shikio said...

wahh! purple!! hehe~

hurm.. pakailah PINK!!

hahahah~ joke2

AimanAriffin said...

Miss Shikio: pink? giler arhhhhh belum berani nak pakai pinkla haha