Sunday, 15 May 2011

One Fine Day


Heya peepz! Been pretty occupied with this 2000 words assignment which is due on e 15th of May, Monday. Which reminds me its 2moro! Somebody please throw a bomb at me please! Dry. Boring. Balanced Scorecard. Value Chain Analysis. Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty. *banging head on the table*. * Copy paste copy paste. EH! I don't plagiarize okay. With referencing of course lol. Okeh! I think that sums up my life pretty much.

Geek Mode

When I have something in my mind, I tend to isolate myself from people. When I'm isolated, away from human interaction, I tend to become emotional. (It's so difficult to be me really it is! such an emotional wreck) Semua perasaan lonely, perasaan seorang diri, perasaan jiwa kacau dan bagai muncul berterbangan (padahal besok assignment kena hantar, ni blom habis lagi) 

"One fine day

It applies to everyone. Everybody have their own rights to grab a hold on it. One fine day there will be that person who will complete that missing puzzle in you. That person who fills in that empty space in your heart. That person who makes the world a brighter place to be. Someone who will make you think that every obstacles of love is worth it. When that person says "I love you", butterflies will fly coloring your heart and replace that bitter cold with warmth. 

Vain Mode ALERT!
Till that day comes, enjoy life. Busy yourself with things that can make you happy. Paint your life with beautiful drawings of rainbows. Smile to your pain. Push that misery aside. Get a hold of your life. It won't be easy but somehow someway you gotta start somewhere. So why not now.

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OH btw. Before I forget. Kalau korang free and baik hati. LOL sedihnye bunyi. Anyways, feel free to vote for me in this competition. All you need to do is,

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Easy as A.B.C Thank you and hope you guys are having a better day than I am. T_T back to the assignment.........


Miss Shikio said...

happy teachers day! eh2.. silap tempat


dengan ini, diumumkan Miss Shikio telah membantu meningkatkan jumlah LIKE picture anda itu hehehe~

AimanAriffin said...

Miss Shikio: ehhhhh teachers day ka? hahaha oh terima kasih. apa kata miss shikio tolong promote jugak pls? :D

Mutiara Bernilai said...

one fine day..


Allah tak janjikan jalan itu mudah, tapi Allah janjikan akan pengakhiran yang pasti buat mereka2 yang berani menempuh jalan tu..

so, just start our first step, yes, it wont be easy, it'll be hard 4 us, but just walk...pengakhirannya tetap ada..our 'one fine day' will become true,, insyaAllah..

nota : gud luck okies! :)

AimanAriffin said...

Mutiara: Ngeee. I love ur comments :) hehe exactly what I have in mind. Thank you!

a. said...

hey pergi buat assignment-lah! sempat pule nak mengarang di sini. :p

AimanAriffin said...

A: hahaha kan! release stress sebenarnya ahaha

chekuduks bacee said...

one fine day???? ok sentappp.....sbb one fine day nih la ade ribut taufan melanda rituuu.....perangggggg!!!

AimanAriffin said...

Aneez: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA Ya Allah lawaknye ok dah jom kita lupakan hal tu. kang nanti ada je baldi kena baling nanti

Nurul Ezra said...

done vote! okayh.. aiman tak kesah~ eh salah2, nurul tak kesah~
Good luck dude! :D

AimanAriffin said...

Ezra: haha thanx! aduyai. Aiman kisahlah hahha thanx babe!

Siti Mariam said...

Yes... one fine day ;) btw I like the warblers too. Blaine's awesome!

Nadia Nasir said...

Yes... one fine day ;) btw I like the warblers too. Blaine's awesome!

Nadia Nasir said...

haha sorry bout that. siti mariam's my mom's account. termasuk hers pulak =P

AimanAriffin said...

Nadia: haha u ni lawak ah. YES! Me like it too. haha duk main lagu dia orang je skang ni